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MD Linh Vuang

Testimonial from Linh Vuong: EMS Dolorclast, Revolutionizing Musculoskeletal Care!

"For Christmas I'm getting myself an EMS Dolorclast shockwave machine! 

I currently use shockwave to treat musculoskeletal conditions in my private practice. It's been so effective, I shopped around for another machine for my 2nd office location.

I had a patient with idiopathic foot swelling and pain for more than 15 years who got a treatment with the EMS Dolorclast at a medical conference. After just one treatment, she had such amazing results she came to me requesting more treatments. After 4 treatments she said, "I couldn't believe I was able to walk 5 hours at the zoo without pain last weekend and the swelling is so much better! I can actually see the contours of my toes and ankle now!"

I have done the comparison research and tried out multiple shockwave machines.

I can't wait to get the Dolorclast because, unlike other machines on the market, EMS has a new patented technology that can maintain high energy delivery to the tissue at higher frequencies so treatments can be more efficient with excellent outcomes and improved patient satisfaction!

What a game changer!"

MD Linh Vuong