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DolorClast® High Power Laser

To address superficial or deep indications, acute pain and reduce inflammation

DolorClast® High Power Laser to address superficial or deep indications, acute pain in only 5 minutes after treatment and reduce inflammation

Highly powerful to tackle MSK pain for more happy patients

905nm wavelength + high peak power with short pulse duration = exceptional treatment outcomes

Delivering high amount of energy, yet safely

Treatment of deep pathologies

Fast and durable pain reduction for a fast recovery

Fast and powerful antalgic effect within 5 min after treatment

Fast reduction of acute inflammations from the 1st treatment session on

Allows you to treat more patients and boost your practice's success

Portable to treat everywhere

Hands-free mode to elevate your practice routine

Potential to address patients with high BMI

Setting up your physio therapy practice?Looking for pain therapy and physical therapy equipment? We'd love to discuss the DolorClast® High Power Laser with you.

What makes the DolorClast High Power Laser so unique?

  • 905nm wavelength for immediate pain relief, long-term acute inflammation decrease and tissues regeneration
  • High peak power of 300W: 15 times more powerful than conventional low power lasers, reaching deep into the tissue
  • Short pulse duration of 100ns to keep the treated tissues below the thermal threshold and hence avoid risk of burns
15x more powerful

Product features

1. Provide a fast analgesic effect & long-lasting healing

  • Tackle your patients’ pain as fast as 5 minutes after GDT protocol delivery, thanks to the temporary inhibition of the nociceptors in the treated area, without having to use pain medication.
  • Reduce acute inflammation from the 1st treatment session on with the decrease of the amount of Prostaglandin E2  (key marker of inflammatory diseases), thus mirroring the effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) without exposing patients to their side-effects and addiction.

The most powerful 905nm superpulsed laser for fast pain relief and long-lasting healing

winning formula

2. Ease practice workflow to increase your profitability

  • Treat more patients per day thanks to DolorClast® High Power Laser hands-free mode
  • Easily transport your laser everywhere thanks to its lightweight (8kg) and treat your patients anywhere they are
  • Address most of musculoskeletal pathologies and all types of patients thanks to its presets:
    • 1 custom GDT protocol
    • 40 protocols by indications
    • 7 protocols by action (anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, hypersensitive patients etc.)

Treat with agility: dedicated for both beginners and experts

3. Lase with safety

  • Treat safely without risk of over-heating the tissues thanks to short duration impulses (100 ns) which allow the treated area to maintain below the thermal threshold.
  • Deliver the right laser dose without risk of burns thanks to the wide laser beam size (1 cm in manual mode and 3 cm in hands-free mode).
  • Save time without compromising patient safety thanks to the handsfree mode.
  • In hands-free mode, the spacer clipped on the handpiece keeps the patient’s skin at a safe distance, for a burn risk-free treatment.

Healing at the speed of light.

lase with safety

Technical features




905 nm