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Swiss PiezoClast®

To address deep chronic musculoskeletal pathologies.

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DolorClast® Focused Shock Waves to address deep chronic musculoskeletal pathologies

Deliver the highest energy and cavitation to tackle deep recalcitrant tendinopathies

Total energy density is greater with the PiezoClast® than the best-in-class competition. 

Provide comfort even when treating highly painful enthesopathies

Address patients with a low-tolerance threshold of pain.

Obtain a maintenance free console that boosts your practice profitability

The electronic generator doesn't require any maintenance or service.

Setting up your physio therapy practice? Looking for pain therapy and physical therapy equipment? We`d love to discuss about the Swiss PiezoClast® with you and how it can help your practice.

What makes the Swiss PiezoClast® so unique?

Studies demonstrate that the PiezoClast® peaks of positive and negative pressure are 2 times higher than other devices1, which means that total energy density is greater with the PiezoClast® than the second-best device. 

1 Katharina Sternecker et al., Exposure of zebra mussels to extracorporeal shock waves ​demonstrates formation of new mineralized tissue inside and outside the focus zone. Biology ​Open 2018; doi:10.1242/bio.033258. ​​Perez et al., Acoustic field characterization of the Duolith: Measurements and modelling ​of a clinical shock wave therapy device. J Acoust Soc Am. 2013 Aug; 134(2): 1663–1674. 


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Product features

1. Deliver high energy

High performances piezoceramic technology to:

  • Deliver a twice as high Peak pressure than competitive devices
  • Treat even the deepest pathologies thanks to a penetration of 8 cm
  • Treat anywhere anytime with a transportable device and a weight of 10 Kg

2. Overcome pain

Piezoelectric generator avoids mechanical displacement to comfortably treat sensitive patients or pathologies such as enthesopathies

3. Low running maintenance costs

  • Maintenance free console
  • Handpiece lifetime of > 5M impulses
  • No water cooling system

Case study of focused shock waves:

I am very pleased to be able to offer focused shock wave therapy for mountaineers' finger pain, because in the past our interventions have not helped sufficiently with this type of injury and there have been a few cases where we have not helped the patient at all. However, with shock wave therapy we are seeing more and more cases approaching a solution.

John Ostrovskis, specialised Physiotherapist, MSK-Sonograph, UK


Technical features


Focused ESWT with piezoelectric generator


LCD screen with frequency and pressure controller