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Swiss DolorClast® EvoBlue Handpiece

The only constant energy shock wave handpiece on the market.

Evoblue main picture

Second to none, the Swiss DolorClast® EVO BLUE makes a breakthrough with its technical design. It is the first and only handpiece to deliver constant Energy Flux Density (EFD) output across the entire frequency spectrum.

Improved performance

New applicator design based on Finite Element Analysis* – for ideal Shock Wave transmission

Smart Lock

High-precision smart-lock piston with patented valve system – for unprecedented energy flux densities at all frequencies.

Easy and  faster

Easy handpiece revision by quick replacement of smart-lock piston – much faster, more precise and safer than (self-) assembly of single spare parts

Product features

  • Unique and patented valve system: constant energy output, no matter the frequency
  • Smart lock Piston: perform your maintenance in 30s without any tool

Technical features


Swiss DolorClast® EVO BLUE Handpiece


Ballistic radial ESWT handpiece