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06: Follow-up

Patient compliance to treatments that last over few weeks is tricky. GDT helps you keeping patients within your practice and improving your overall success. Here are some quick tricks to your patients:

Track treatment succes​

via outcome measurement tools (VAS score and ROM) to reassure your patients.

Schedule the next appointment​

Before patient leaves to establish a treatment pattern.

Don't forget!​

Patients are often your most passionate ambassadors. Their endorsement to the GDT will represent more than any paid campaign for your practice. So engage the discussion with your patients and make sure they FEEL GOOD about their treatment and results.

Do your patients feel discomfort after shock wave therapy?

After a shock wave treatment, it is to be expected that some patients may experience a certain amount of discomfort or even a bit of pain. Although this situation isn't dangerous, it can be uncomfortable. To provide the best possible follow-up to your patients, here is an article containing some tips & tricks from EMS' educational specialist that will help your patients regain mobility quicker. 

knee pain