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DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves

From the inventors of Radial Shock Wave Therapy

We pushed physics to the limit to achieve maximum energy output at all frequencies. 




Maximize treatment outcomes

The right technologies ​with the right energies​ to address 90% of all major musculoskeletal disorders​ with success​.

Transform patient experiences

The ally to provide pain-free experience and restore patients’​ confidence in their recovery.

Boost practice success

The partner in care to boost​ your practice productivity, visibility, and profitability.


Groundbreaking new study shows the superiority of DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves

High energy output at all frequencies: EMS DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves shows superior performances to Storz Medical MasterPulse® 200 ultra. 

In our Swiss DolorClast® Academy courses, we always show treatment at high frequencies, but other device manufacturers don’t advocate for that. Why is that?

A new independent bench study shows that EMS DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves delivers high energy at every frequency. The same cannot be said for the compared device.



EMS Dolorclast RSW delivers high energy at all frequencies



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6 steps, 1 goal:
Get your patients going

Guided DolorClast® Therapy (GDT) ​is a new treatment concept ​based on combination therapies, dedicated to practitioners who want to successfully, quickly and safely ​treat 90% of their patients suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder. ​

Treating patients has never been easier thanks to GDT devices, ​whose unrivaled performances ​enable exceptional treatment outcomes, ​while their design simplifies ​practice workflow. ​

​With GDT, be the game-changer ​in your patients’ lives.



Guided DolorClast®  Therapy devices

An improved design and unrivaled performances simplify the practice workflow and enhabit the obtention of the best clinical outcomes.

Interested in the DolorClast solutions?

Best treatment outcome based on scientific evidence

EMS devices are used by many researchers to study further implications of shockwaves treatments. We are proud to present you with some of their work, highlighting the effectiveness of the Guided DolorClast® Therapy.

Gerdesmeyer L, Frey C, Vester J, et al.
Am J Sports Med 2008;36:2100- 2109

Chronic plantar fasciopathy can be treated efficiently with radial shock wave therapy, which can be administered to outpatients without having to reccur to anesthesia. This randomized controlled trial aims at demonstrating therapeutic superiority vs. placebo.


Ibrahim M, Donatelli R, Schmitz C, et al.
Foot & Ankle Int. 2010 May; 31 (5):391-97 20460065

Radial shock wave therapy has been demonstrated to be an effective method to treat chronic plantar fasciopathy in three sessions. This study aims at showing that two sessions are already sufficient to treat this pathology with ESWT. 

Become an expert and make your practice visible

The SDCA offers flexible shock wave training programs worldwide to spread knowledge about Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy with a view to improving patient care.

A certification will get you in touch with other experts and help you heighten your practice`s visibility.


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