Swiss DolorClast Method celebrates

its 20th anniversary in 2019

Here is a look back at twenty years of amazing advance, marked by commercial success.

A long history made short

The Vallée de Joux, in the canton of Jura, Switzerland, is a peaceful place where, people say, "the silence is such that you could almost hear the fish breathing under the mirror-smooth lake."[1] However, in the midst of this apparent calm, the know-how of the world of luxury watchmaking’s craftsmen resonates internationally. These precision workers, boasting two centuries of experience, are considered the best in the field of micromechanics and today, they represent an élite of "perfectionists" with an inimitable know-how.
Such qualities struck the founder of Electro Medical Systems, Bernd Bühner; ever-searching for excellence to the benefit of his clients, who decided, thus very naturally, to set up his headquarters in the village of Le Sentier, in the Vallée de Joux.

Indeed, the engineering teams were able to exploit such rigour and expertise for the development of an innovative technology.
In 1997, EMS filed a patent for a process which produced extracorporeal shock waves to treat various types of musculoskeletal diseases.
With the introduction of its first product in the form of the Swiss DolorClast range in 1999, the Swiss DolorClast Method, offering a complete clinical solution, was born.

Some testimonials of the success of Swiss DolorClast Method

Very quickly, many internationally renowned orthopedic, physiotherapy and sports medicine professionals adopted the device. Below, some of these professionals report on their use of the clinical solution.

 Dr. Antonio Ammendolia recalls the promising results of the Method in 1999:

"I got to know the Swiss DolorClast Method in 1999, and I immediately started using it on my patients, because I quickly realised the benefits it brought: firstly, on tendon-related pathologies, then on bone pathologies. [...] I continued to use Swiss DolorClast Method because I considered it to be truly effective: it had few side effects and above all, I noticed that my patients, even those with quite debilitating pathologies, did not suffer from their pain anymore”. Dr. Antonio Ammendolia, Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics and Trauma - Catanzaro Magna Græcia University, Italy, 2018

Per Nymann Andersen, another of the early users remembers a particular patient whose medical history is evidence of the effectiveness of Swiss DolorClast Method:

"One of my patients is a former football player. He had not practiced for more than 40 years but he had remained very active, which eventually lead him to have knee osteoarthritis. The pain had become so severe that he couldn't even walk. The only solution prescribed by his doctor at the time was complete knee surgery, which involved a high risk and damage.
However, just before having surgery, he was advised to come and see me, to try an alternative. That's when I started to treat him with shock waves.
This was seven years ago. Since then, he comes to see me every month and has never had to undergo surgery.”
Per Nymann Andersen, Ph.D. in Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Specialist - Multidisciplinary Chiropractic Clinic Finnsnes, Norway, 2018

The Swiss DolorClast  Method also appeals to new generations of practitioners, who like to use it in combination with other therapies, to ensure long-term results, as Jonathan Wride explains:

"I have been practicing the Swiss DolorClast Method for four years now and have used it to treat a thousand patients already. It has radically changed the way I treat, in two ways:
- Firstly, I use it very quickly in the care of my patients in order to provide them with immediate relief. This allows me to give them confidence from the very first moment. Getting them to perform physical exercise then turns out to be much simpler. The combination of these therapies ensures, in my opinion, the best long-term effects.
- Secondly, whereas I previously had to transfer some of my patients suffering from pathologies such as Dupuytren’s contracture or shoulder adhesive capsulitis to a doctor, thanks to Swiss
DolorClast Method I can now treat them myself, in my office.” Jonathan Wride, 30, physiotherapist with a private practice in St Albans, United Kingdom, 2018

Alexander Mohr, who was familiar with shock waves before learning about the Swiss DolorClast Method, explains how the EMS solution differs from its competitors:

"When I was approached with an introduction to the Swiss DolorClast, I thought I knew the concept. I had already tried shock waves from two competing brands, and they had not convinced me at all.
However, I let myself be persuaded to try it, I had nothing to lose after all. I was then stunned by the positive results I saw.
Since then, I have been using Swiss
DolorClast to treat many of my patients.
I can't help but think of the time spent stretching, massaging, etc. with very limited success; while now a shockwave session is enough for the pain to completely vanish”.
Alexander Mohr, physiotherapist, and sports medicine specialist  – Institute for Myologik, Niefern, Germany, 2018

On the path to excellence

Often imitated, but not matched, the Swiss DolorClast devices developed by EMS have, over the last twenty years, democratised the use of extracorporeal shock waves around the world: 


The Swiss DolorClast Academy aims to train new generations of practitioners and ensure the dissemination of knowledge about the Swiss DolorClast Method worldwide. Each year, it organizes more than 200 classes based on clinical studies and scientific research: a learning experience which also enables exchanges between health professionals.

Clinical proof

Clinical proof is one of the fundamental pillars of the Swiss DolorClast Method, the performance of which has been repeatedly tested by the scientific community. The various studies carried out - randomised and controlled - are found in the PEDro database, and show that in 80% of cases Swiss DolorClast Method performs better than the control group.

In order to further support the clinical approach of its Method, in 2018 EMS set up an Advisory Board (EDAB) composed of shockwave experts. The board meetings define the clinical direction and future of the Method.


Since 1996 the EMS company has been operating in larger premises in Nyon. However, the values learned in the Vallée de Joux have remained. It now has more than 800 employees in 13 countries, dedicated to offering their clients the latest technology and the best quality in fields such as orthopaedics, sports medicine, urology and dental prophylaxis.
EMS is investing in research, eager to continue to offer innovative solutions and make sure that healthcare professionals’ treatments are as effective as possible.

In 2019, on the 20th anniversary of the Swiss DolorClast Method, EMS is proud to continue to be the world leader in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy.
An amazing twenty years of advance, during which, thanks to Swiss DolorClast Method and its use by therapists, more than 100 million patients have regained good quality, active life.

This is how the Swiss DolorClast Method has been exported, from the Valley to the world.