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How can physiotherapists’ expertise help top athletes prepare for competition?

Sports scientist Daniel Schloesser, who looks after Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg,
shares his experience in motorsports.

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René Toussaint MD,
Medical office for orthopedics and sports medicine on Brühl.

  • Case study 1 – Plantar Fascia
  • Case study 2 – Tear of the adductor tendon

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Acute-Phase Radial Shock Wave Therapy - Professional Footballers

The medical and physiotherapeutic care of professional footballers during the season is an enormous challenge for all involved. Most players want to be fit and well enough to play as soon as possible after an injury because they want to keep their place in the squad.

But it is also important to return players to full  fitness as quickly as possible even during a match, e.g. in the half-time break. Treatment with Radial Shock Wave Therapy (acute-phase RSWT) is an attractive and innovative method to help achieve this goal.  

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Jean- Baptiste Grisoli MD, Chief Medic for the French national rugby team and Toulon Rugby Club:

“I first discovered shockwaves in sports medicine when I was the team doctor for the Olympic Marseille football team… I was lent a Swiss DolorClast® unit by the company who had just invented radial shock wave technology…

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7 steps rehabilitation protocol from Dr. Manetti

Achilles tendinopathy is a common disease in the sports population that often causes long periods of disability. Sometimes the progression of the symptoms increases until the complete suspension of sport activity is required.

The resolution of the pathology is often possible in a conservative way, except for its rupture, which sometimes is the first clinical symptom of the pathology.

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Shock Wave therapy in Football

During the U20 football World Cup in South Korea in 2017, Shock Wave therapy (Swiss DolorClast® Devices) was used for several indications.  

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