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2019 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Swiss DolorClast® Method. 
20 years of commercial success, exciting clinical advances and significant pain relief, improving the quality of people's lives worldwide and helping them maintain an active lifestyle. 

In this Spring Newsletter, the hottest topic of the moment is the European DolorClast Advisory Board - EDAB. Established in November 2018, this Committee is the independent entity which aims to define the clinical orientation of the Swiss DolorClast® Method and build its future. 

The next EDAB event will take place later in the year and will keep focusing on maintaining the high level of commitment and energy among its members. 

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Meet Our Ambassadors

"[...] I think this [meeting] will in many ways be a new start, a stepping stone to something that can become even bigger and hopefully evolve in a positive direction." 

Per Nymann Andersen, Chiropractor and Sports Physiotherapist based in Norway, is proud to have held, as Chairman, the first 2018 EDAB event in Château de Beaumont, Cheserex, Switzerland. 

Find his and all of our EDAB Ambassadors' profiles on our brand new page.


Case Studies
Live Performance

Watch the performance of our 14 EDAB members while they tell you the story behind the personal Case Studies they came across during their daily practice. 


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the Swiss DolorClast®

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