Dear Readers, 

The past summer was full of emotions with the World Cup in Russia. The French team, winner of the 2018 tournament, was physically very well prepared and treated with the Swiss DolorClast® Method. EMS is very pleased to have contributed to this victory. 

Soccer is the most common sport around the world. The number of participants rises every year reaching over 250 million players.

How to reduce this injury rate? 

This newsletter showcases 2 clinical studies done by Alexander Ablaß, head of the Physical Therapy Youth Training Center of FC Augsburg. Those studies describe two soccer indications treated with the Shock Wave Swiss DolorClast® Method combine with cryo technology. And finally, in the article “Prophylaxis of muscle”, Professor Christoph Schmitz introduces his clinical study. 
Read how ESWT - External Shock Wave Therapy - is important in the treatment of common injuries soccer players suffer from.

ESWT, The success factor

Lateral ankle ligament rupture

Radial ESWT in combination with cold compression therapy and Cryolight as part of therapeutic regimen for a young soccer player. 
Case study by Alexander Ablaß and Dr. Christian Möckl. 



Muscle injuries in soccer

Radial ESWT as the therapy of choice for a young soccer player. 
Case study by Alexander Ablaß.



Prophylaxis of muscle injuries, the best therapy

How ESWT for primary and secondary prevention is the best therapy to lower the chance football professionals getting functional and structural muscle injuries with targeted treatment of non-injured muscles. 
Clinical article by Pr. Christoph Schmitz, publication The SportGroup.