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We are very pleased to send you this special Newsletter dedicated in winter sports medecine. 
During the competition in PyeongChang, Patrik Noack - Chief Medical Officer of the Swiss Olympic Team - and his team used the Swiss DuoClast® to prepare the Swiss athletes and to treat potential injuries. 

“I was really glad to have a Swiss Duoclast® device during the competition in South Korea. Thanks to the treatments, many athletes could perform at their best.” testified Patrik Noack. 

The Swiss team won 15 medals in total, ranking 7th in the medal table. We invite you to watch Patrik Noack interview, and to read the article with the cases studies done on the athletes. 
We hope you enjoy it! 


Patrik Noack interview before the competition

Before the start of the competition, Patrik Noack gave us an exclusive interview. He explains how he will prepare the athletes and the importance of the Swiss DolorClast® Method. 


The impact of ESWT in Sports Medicine

Case Studies with the Swiss DolorClast® Method

The Swiss medical team showcased the clinical evidence of seven athletes with different pathologies in PyeongChang. None of the athletes were able to compete, but thanks to Shock Wave treatment they could get back to the competition. Read the following article to learn more about the different cases.