PEDro is a free database "Physiotherapy Evidence Database" gathering 38'000 randomised trials and clinical practice guidelines. It reviews what is clinically new in Radial ESWT.

Our last review of the PEDro database was performed in 2015. A new update was done end of 2017.

The main  outcomes are:
- The number of Level I clinical studies reviewed has more than doubled to reach 45. 
- The pathologies treated also expanded with new studies on Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Coccydinia, Knee Ostheoartritis, and trigger points  
- The Swiss DolorClast Method is still by far the most studied device with 30 studies. 
- All the studies have been performed with compressors and not internal pumps because of the limited energy delivered by these devices.


For more information about the PEDro database go on the website