2019 marks the 20th Anniversary of
the Swiss DolorClast® Method

During those 20 years, the Swiss DolorClast®  has helped more than 100 millions patients from around the world by alleviating them from their pain and ultimately retrieving an optimal quality of life and active lifestyle. 

A great history

1997 }

The history of the Swiss DolorClast® has its roots in 1997, when EMS, which previously had developed products in the fields of oral hygiene and urology, decides to embrace a new challenge, and patents a technology that generates shock waves. 

1999 }

The teams at E.M.S. sense from the very beginning the great potential of this new technology and start working on the first product of the Swiss DolorClast® line. The first Swiss DolorClast® launches in 1999: the Swiss DolorClast® Method is born!

It is the first revolution regarding the treatment of soft tissues with extracorporeal shoch wave therapy for orthopedics. 

2001 }

Shock waves are being used for the first time onto trigger points to treat muscular pains. 

2005 }

The Swiss DolorClast® has now a worldwide presence with more than 2'500 devices implemented in more than 50 countries, introduction of the new Power+ handpiece. 

the only radial ESWT device approved by the FDA

2007 }

The Swiss DolorClast® obtains its first FDA approbation in the United-States for plantar fasciopathy. 

2009 }

  • Arrival on the market of the Swiss PiezoClast®, allowing practitioners to work with focal shock waves, in addition to radial shock waves. 
  • In 2009, there are more than 6'000 devices Swiss DolorClast® being used all around the world. 

2010 }

Launch of the Swiss DolorClast® Smart: compact - ergonomic - versatile. 

education and practice first

2013 }

  • Presentation of the Swiss DolorClast® Master with touch screen and the new EVO BLUE® handpiece. 
  • Launch of the Swiss DolorClast® Smart 20. 
  • Creation of the Swiss DolorClast® Academy -SDCA- and first training at the VSOU congress in Baden-Baden, Germany. 

2016 }

Formalization of the Swiss DolorClast® Method on the base of 3 pillars: Technology - Clinical evidence - Education. 

2018 }

Creation of the independent entity EDAB - European DolorClast® Advisory Board, which goal is to define the clinical strategy of the Swiss DolorClast® Method. 
14 experts in shock waves are part of this board. 

More than 100'000'000 pain free patients and more to come


Happy Anniversary, Swiss DolorClast®!