bswa's 2nd annual shockwave uk conference

The British ShockWave Association will be hosting its 2nd annual Shockwave UK conference on March 23rd 2019, in London, and EMS is the platinum sponsor of the event.
It will be the perfect occasion to meet the World leaders in ShockWave Therapy and learn all about what using ShockWave in a clinical practice involves.

The event will be an unmissable chance for ShockWave Therapy users to learn about the true energy levels emitted by the different shockwave systems.

Conference goers can expect the most complete experience regarding ShockWave Therapy:
1. Both academic and evidence based knowledge
2. A hands-on experience of all the aspects of the treatment
3. The discovery of a personalised, data-driven health platform
4. The prospect for poster presentations for selected innovative projects

Many international professionals, researchers and users of Shockwave Therapy will be giving speeches:

  • Prof. Christoph Schmitz
  • Prof. Nicola Maffulli
  • Mr. Tet Yap
  • Mr. Paul Morissey
  • Mr. Jonathan Wride
  • Mrs. Gayle Maffulli
  • Mrs. Sharon Wilcox
  • Mr. Adam Read
  • Mrs. Marilyn Okoro


Full program & registrations here