EMS Medical and British Basketball are working together to give the best medical support at Fiba Eurobasket 2017. 

Thanks to this new collaboration, EMS Medical was the official Medical support of the Great Britain senior men’s team. During the Fiba EuroBasket 2017, the players were treated with the Swiss DolorClast Method in order to avoid tendon injuries.  

Dr Dane Vishnubala, official Doctor to the Great Britain senior men’s team used the Swiss DolorClast method with the Swiss DuoClast device, to prepare the team players before and during the tournament, in order to provide them the best medical conditioning help. 

It was the first time that the Shock Waves treatment was used by the federation. Working with specialist equipment and methods was making the difference according to Doctor Dane Vishnubala. 
Indeed, using the Swiss DolorClast Method helped to treat the common tendon issues sustained by baskets ball players: plantar fasciopathy, achilles tendon, tennis elbow. 
Doctor Dane Vishnubala was testifying after the Eurobasket 2017 about the Swiss DuoClast device and how the shockwave solution is positive for the future of British BasketBall: 

"The specialist type of equipment that we've got has really helped in our capacity to deal with tendon problems," 

"They allow us to manage those issues better and get our players back quicker."

 "Most basketball players will some form of tendon problem at some stage in their career, most often achilles tendon problems and also patellar tendon problems. It's about managing it appropriately throughout the season and during competition. ShockWaves machines have been really important in tendon management."

 "This is a great tool to manage tendon problems and we are very lucky to be working with equipment of this calibre"

"The future of British Basketball is looking bright."

"From a sports medicine perspective, we have coaches that understand the importance of sports medicine and science and staff that are constantly trying to make changes that will influence basketball sports medicine and science in the UK more and more."

 "This is extremely important in keeping our players healthy and performance-optimal, whether they're a development player or a senior player."

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